Building the Future With WordPress’s Gutenberg

Change is coming to your WordPress workflow

The team over at WordPress has been hard at work revamping and revolutionizing their beloved CMS to give users even more publishing power when creating and maintaining their digital presence with Gutenberg, a visual, “block” based CMS. Gutenberg will allow users to build pages by dragging and dropping blocks to create and arrange page layouts. This method allows users to visually see what they’re creating without having to learn to code.

What’s a block?

A block represents your content. Headings, text, images, videos and more, all visually represented beautifully so it’s easy to visualize what your page will look like. You won’t have to write extensive code to create something fresh, and you can still add in your own custom HTML. Gutenberg gives you full control.

When is it coming?

The first phase of Gutenberg is on expected to arrive with WordPress 5.0 and will focus on page customization. Eventually Gutenberg is expected to be applied across the WordPress platform letting you use Gutenberg to customize every element of your site.