iSimplifyMe & GDPR Compliance

iSimplifyMe is committed to become GDPR compliant by May, 25 2018.

iSimplifyMe follows privacy laws around the world, and we’ve been closely monitoring the recent EU regulation compliance on data privacy, GDPR. We will fully comply with GDPR requirements, including the recent update to our privacy policy.

Although we’re still learning the full scope of GDPR’s website and data regulation on businesses outside of EU, if you collect EU web visitor’s personal information than you should familiarize yourself with GDPR.

We encourage you to start researching how GDPR will affect your business, including contact forms, newsletter signups, data collection including tracking cookies. If you have offices in the EU, or receive a lot of web traffic, you should familiarize yourself soon.

To learn more about GDPR, you could view the key changes here. For GDPR’s frequently asked questions, including what happens in you aren’t compliant, visit GDPR’s FAQ page.

Contact the iSimplifyMe team

If you aren’t sure what data your website is collecting, or you would like to find more resources on GDPR compliance, start a support ticket or contact us.